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Post by Zesty Taco on Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:38 am

While we are a general forum that lets almost anything go, there still are a few rules that stop some people from going wild.

1. While language isn't filtered and almost anything goes, don't make a fool of yourself. We also ask not to use any racial slurs, those are a no no.
2. Hateful or illegal content is not accepted at this forum... sorry haters.
3. Spam is only permitted in the random crap forum, although don't spam too much and no advertising in that section.
4. We ain't no porn forum, so don't upload porn images/videos to the forum. (Of course if you feel that urge, just use this emoticon: Boobs! Wink)

Thats pretty much it folks! Follow these rules (and if you have it, your common sense) and you'll be a great addition to the LOL WTF? Member base Very Happy
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